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​We Thrive on Customer Feedback, Here's what our customers have to say about us and the service that we provide!

"For a long time, I was never interested in Solar until I met Rudy over the phone. As he started explaining the benefits of Solar Energy, I had to admit I was noticing a few of our neighbors lately with Solar panels on their home.

​After receiving the proposal from him, I was going to save $300/month just by converting. It made sense so I made the jump and have enjoyed every minute of it knowing I am saving money and doing my part for a cleaner environment!"
Phillip Thompson
El Cajon, CA
​"Stellar Service! We were impressed by the cohesiveness Rudy & his team displayed for us, amazing teamwork to get the job done. For the longest time, we have desired Solar Power for our home and knew it was the way to go but our biggest challenge was being approved for the solar...

Rudy told us he would work very hard to make sure we got approved for a system and told us that him and his team had flexible options for us. They went back to the drawing board and 48 hours later they got us approved through the HERO program and we couldn't be any happier! The best part is our first payment won't be due to until Nov 2016, we can write off a percentage of our payments and on top of everything else, receive a 30% Federal Tax credit just for going green - 2 Thumbs Up for this team!"
​Mike & Sheryl
Tustin, CA
"We have been shopping for 2 years between several solar companies trying to find the best deal, at one point we just threw in the towel after realizing how expensive solar systems cost. That is until we spoke with Energy Consultant Rudy, not only did he provide the lowest price for U.S. quality system made to last 30 years! ​We knew this was the perfect timing and opportunity to go solar so we "pulled the plug" from LAWDP and went for it! Come to find out, we have limited roof space so we settled for a 65% offset which is projected to save us $175/month so for us that was enough.

​Rudy did a great job educating us on natural energy, how the entire system works from A-Z and also made suggestions to maintain a low energy bill. What sealed the deal with for us was the low price for relocating and upgrading our old meter, our Contractor did an amazing job! We were happy the day inspection passed with flying colors and knew we did business with the right company.

​We have future plans to add an addition to our house and ask Paul and his professional crew to add the remaining panels to achieve that 99% offset!"
David & Lydia
Pacoima, CA
"LOVE Solar Energy! I constantly had solar companies knocking on my door and calling me, I had to finally entertain one of them to see what all the Fuss was about and we're very happy that we met Paul and his team at Paradise Renewables. They were great from start to finish – and with any questions we had after completion of the project. We had our solar panels installed in July 2015 and have been enjoying LOW electric bills and our SREC checks! Basically not paying anything for our electric. Highly recommend Paradise. They know what they are doing. 5 stars!”
Segundo Perez
Santa Ana, CA
"My Husband and I are very happy with making the switch to Solar, we were tired of paying the electricity company those ASTRONOMICAL bills. Now instead of throwing money away on energy, we are receiving credits from them for unused energy and making a great return on our investment!

​Ben made the process very simple for us and we were very happy with his service. We are already recommending friends and family to Paradise and taking advantage of their amazing Customer Referral Program $$$"
Michelle Freeland
La Habra, CA

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